This is a list of things that I decided I wanted to accomplish before I was 25. With this date a year and a half away, let’s see how I’ve done since I created this list in March of 2005.

1. Learn a different language. – Hmm…….I started learning Hebrew but I’m not fluent. Still gotta work on this one.
2. Go to back to China. – Nope. Though this may have to wait until after I’m 25. The point is to take Mikayla and she’d only be 9/10 by next October.
3. Help start a church. – Check. 🙂
4. Write music for ‘Broken‘. – This is apparently being done for me. So check!
5. Be a youth sponsor for College Park Church. – Check.
6. Finish writing my book and try get it published. – Oy! I picked it up a few weeks ago and it was an hour of me saying “Oh no. Oh. Oh that’s bad. Oooooh no!”
7. Pursue dancing. – Check. This wasn’t in a serious “I want to be a dancer” type of thing. Just get back into it because I love it.
8. Be in a movie. – Hehehe! Sort of. If I’m not in one before my birthday and this is the last thing on my list, I may just count our “Christmas movies”. “Why yes, I was in ‘Blues Brothers’ and ‘Flashdance’.”
9.  Go to Australia. – * sigh* Hopefully.
10. Take a road trip. – Check! Shelly and I leave May 14th! 😀
11. See the Grand Canyon. – Mom and I were supposed to go for her 50th and my 20th birthday. Needless to say, we didn’t make it.
12. Learn to play chords on the piano. – Anybody want to teach me? I can read music. I can whip out Canon in D and ‘All My Life’ and Titanic. But I can’t play simple chords.
13. Take a cruise. – Come on, Hannah. We said we would.
14. Learn how to shoot a gun. – For safety. Not for the fun of it. I don’t like guns but I believe ignorance is the greatest weapon against us.
15. Go jet skiing. – Not yet.
16. Volunteer for ‘Outreach‘. – I’m going to try to shadow someone and possibly fill out an application after I get back in May. We’ll see how it goes.
17. Swim with dolphins. – I could go to the zoo and do this but it’s something like $200. We’ll have to see.
18. Go 4-wheeling. – Sounds like so much fun!
19. Sing a solo. – Check. Petrifying. Never again.
20. Go rock climbing. – Shelly and I may end up doing this on our trip. We’ll see.
21. Learn to drive a stick shift. – Again, anyone want to teach me? Preferably before the next Dave Matthews concert. (Kristen, Josh and Danny know why. 😉 )
22. Go whitewater rafting. – I’ve gone on the “pretend” ones at theme parks. I want to go for real.
23. Go snow/water skiing. – I’ve never tried. They wouldn’t let me because of my knee injury. But it’s doing a lot better.
24. Work in an orphanage. – Don’t know where and how I’m going to do this. But the orphanages in China tore my heart up. I wanted to gather all those kids into my arms and let them know that they were loved. Adopt babies from China!
25. F.M.C.H.O.H.I.L. – This one’s a secret. And no, I haven’t done it yet. 🙂