So Ro and I are in the car on our way to a donut bakery because she’s pregnant and craving donuts and I of course can’t say no to her or food. On our way we pass a tiny little fair that has been set up in a parking lot. She’s telling me about how she wants to go on rides, roller coasters in particular, but can’t because she’s pregnant. And we start listing all the things you can’t do when you pregnant, like eat sushi or drink alcohol. And I stated, once again, how I am not getting married and having babies. (Though apparently people will still think I am…)

We go in and immediately I know that this trip is going to end with both of us in the hospital in diabetic comas. We each get two donuts and then another dozen to take with us. Armed with 16 donuts, we head to the car. As we are driving back, we pass the fair again and Ro mentions elephant ears. This is a *huge* weakness for both of us. Pretty much the only reason we go to the state fair is to get our yearly elephant ear fix. It takes me about 5 seconds to decide that we are turning around and going to the fair.

We walk in and pass four police officers. Fortunately the elephant ear booth wasn’t far due to the small size of the fair itself. We get one to share and not five minutes after having entered, walk right back out with our prize. I’m pretty sure I heard the officers laughing at us. We then proceed to devour the elephant ear. The entire way we are cracking up and shaking our heads at ourselves. Because we realize that we have a problem. We realize that we are insane. We realize that we both should weigh 300 pounds. But at least we realize it.