I didn’t blog about these things because I know that I’m crazy and irrational right now and in a couple of days when the hormones return to a somewhat balanced state of being (further balanced by any chocolate I consume), I will look at those posts and regret them. (And since I don’t take down entries after I’ve posted them, no matter how much crap I get, they would be up for eternity.)

Why I didn’t blog it: it would be considered blogging at people and I hate it when people do that.

What I didn’t blog: The fact that I hate it when people have a problem with me but instead of coming to me and talking about it, they either blog or talk about me behind my back.

Why I didn’t blog it: I just sound insane

What I didn’t blog: My violent mood swings when interacting with small children while in this hormonal state. I may be burnt out on kids right now but someday I might want to work with them again or even have my own. (Ya know, if I decide that doing crack is a good idea.) I don’t need CPS showing up on my doorstep without my having done anything.

Why I didn’t blog it: Too gruesome (Men, you might want to stop reading now.)

What I didn’t blog: My deep-seated desire to use a spoon to remove the cramping, hemorrhaging thing in my pelvic area. I don’t refrain from blogging about this stuff out of any embarrassment I feel. But I do try to keep it to a minimum for the sake of my male readers. (See? I don’t really hate all of you. 🙂 ) Also I didn’t blog that women are freaks. As my friend Doug pointed out, anything that bleeds for 3-5 consecutive days should not still be alive, much less able to function like a normal human being.

Aren’t ya glad I didn’t blog about those things? 😉