Lauren: *walking to car to get stuff to change into for bachelorette party*

Emily: Oh, you poor thing. You look so tired.

Lauren: I am.

Emily: Aw. If you liked hugs, I’d give you one.

Lauren: *turns around and grabs Em in a hug*

Emily: *laughing* Man, you must be a mess.

Lauren: You have no idea.

So far this week I have taken two finals (God only knows how I did on them), wrote a 12 page paper, plus a 7 page retrospective essay, went to dance practice for 4 1/2 hours, went to a bachelorette party, and have slept……..well, when I could. Tomorrow I have my last final (thank God!), more dance practice, and the rehearsal. Then Saturday is the wedding and my dance performance. After that, don’t be surprised if you don’t see me for about a week. I will be sleeping. Life has officially been put on hold until Monday.