Watching: Joss Whedon is ‘The Man Who Murdered Love’ (So true. There are NO happy endings for couples in the Buffy/Angel universe. I don’t think there were in Serenity or Firefly either. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Reading: An Ode to Mashed Potatoes

Thinking: I’m done with my paper, I’m done with my paper, I’m done with my paper!!!!!!!! Hallelujah and praise the Lord!

How to Annoy Me: Completely disregard everything I have ever said in my blog and personal communications! Are you kidding me?!

How to Charm Me: *blows kisses to  Jenn* If it weren’t for you, the nice men in the white coats would be coming to take me away right now. Bless you.

Things I Don’t Understand: Men. And women. People in general. *scowls*

Quote of the Day: Do I entice you? Do I speak you fair? Or, rather, do I not in plainest truth tell you, I do not, nor I cannot love you?….I charge thee, hence, and do not haunt me thus! – A Midsummer Night’s Dream