100 Things About Me (Thanks RWG for the idea!)

1. I love reading.

2. I have been dancing off and on since I was 5.

3. A knee injury when I was 15 put an end to that for many years.

4. I got my driver’s license a week before I graduated high school.

5. I graduated a year early.

6. I made the Dean’s List my first year of college which neither of my following schools accepted as a real school year.

7. I heart sushi.

8. I have only cried at 3 movies: Crash, Hotel Rwanda, and The Passion of the Christ.

9. The only radio stations I listen to are 92.3 (world class rock) and 88.7 (classical).

10. However, my taste in music is all over the place.

11. So is my taste in movies.

12. I think chick flicks are evil.

13. I have about 100 pairs of shoes.

14. I tend to exaggerate.

15. I didn’t date until I was almost 23.

16. No, that isn’t an exaggeration.

17. Still never been kissed.

18. No, that isn’t an invitation or a challenge to try.

19. My favorite forms of dance are contemporary and swing.

20. My brother taught me how to swing dance.

21. I love my brother.

22. My sister is pretty cool too. πŸ™‚

23. One of my dreams is to travel and see pretty much everything.

24. My favorite colors are blue, yellow and green.

25. Despite this, I wear a lot of black.

26. I am not a sci-fi geek but I do enjoy some of it.

27. I’m much happier reading/watching historical stuff.

28. I’ve only been in the Emergency room once in my life.

29. The doctor didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t sexually active.

30. I’m a very stubborn and difficult patient.

31. I have never broken a bone. (Knock on wood.)

32. I had braces for three years.

33. It was supposed to be two but I wouldn’t let them pull my teeth.

34. I have scoliosis.

35. I also have asthma.

36. I once told my friend Bryan that I wasn’t getting married because I had too many physical problems. He said he would marry me.

37. He later dumped me for a younger model. πŸ˜‰

38. I was in ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ in high school.

39. Guess who was the shrew…..

40. I started writing my first book when I was 15.

41. No, you can’t read it.

42. I have been in 5 weddings so far.

43. I’m not making anymore friends so I don’t have to be in anymore weddings. πŸ˜‰

44. I don’t see myself as married.

45. There are many reasons for this and it’s not just an “I hate men” thing.

46. No, I’m not a lesbian.

47. Yes, I’m sure.

48. I handle funerals and sad things by cracking jokes a lot.

49. This doesn’t go over so well sometimes.

50. I took piano lessons for years.

51. If I had practiced, I could be quite good.

52. I have a lot of OCD tendencies.

53. If I made an announcement every time one of my “quirks” hit, I’d be placed in a mental hospital.

54. Normalcy is for losers.

55. I have switched colleges and majors 3 times.

56. No, I’m not indecisive……well, maybe I am…….

57. I enjoy watching football, basketball, and soccer, even though I don’t know much about them.

58. I have tried to start a paper journal hundreds of times.

59. I can only “blog” my journals.

60. I talk to myself.

61. Out loud.

62. I find cleaning therapeutic.

63. Large quantities of chocolate is also therapeutic.

64. It has taken me almost a year to get through ‘Anna Karenina’.

65. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are essential.

66. I am an assistant to a horror writer even though I don’t read horror.

67. I am fiercely protective of my friends and family.

68. I have no trouble speaking my mind and telling someone exactly what I think of them.

69. Sometimes this gets me into trouble.

70. My “spiritual birthday” is June 26th. I will be 8 this year.

71. I get labeled “Emergent” (or crazy) but I don’t consider myself that. I am merely a woman who is trying to follow Jesus in every area of her life.

72. If this means I am a fool, so be it.

73. If I do marry, I want to adopt babies from China.

74. I used to hate the color pink.

75. And being girly.

76. I’ve now realized that being feminine doesn’t mean I have to be an airhead who only thinks about boys and clothes.

77. I still prefer jeans and a hoodie though.

78. I think Hello Kitty is awesome.

79. Pedicures are pure torture for me.

80. Mostly because I am so unbelievably ticklish.

81. If you try to tickle me, I will kick you.

82. If something is a “fad”, I will purposefully not buy it. (Like these.)

83. I got a third degree burn on my arm in high school.

84. I am addicted to Tootsie Rolls and Reese’s Cups.

85. There is no cure.

86. I drink enough water to make a camel have to pee.

87. I am PETRIFIED of spiders and heights.

88. Despite my fear of heights, I want to go rock climbing.

89. I also want to learn how to fly a plane.

90. I love singing but won’t do it in public.

91. My mathematical skills are pathetic.

92. My reading and writing skills make up for this.

93. I drink way too much coffee.

94. I hate wearing shorts.

95. I love poetry.

96. And quotes.

97. Most of what I say is a quote from something.

98. Everyone talks about changing the world but no one thinks to change himself. – Tolstoy

99. I feel like I should be brilliant for this last one.

100. But this is all you’re getting. πŸ™‚