Watching: “Men have the ability to think about nothing and still breathe” (Thanks Seth!)

Reading: What Do Jerks and Shoes Have in Common?

Feeling Guilty: For putting “porn” as one of my tags, *knowing* that it would get people to click on it. (Don’t mind the maniacal cackling. I have no idea where it’s coming from. 😉 )

Thinking: I really don’t want to change that light bulb. I just did, like, 6 months ago.

How to Annoy Me: Give me that disbelieving look when I tell you I’m going to read your book now that I have time to breathe.

How to Charm Me: Promise me that you will always tell me the truth. Even though you already do, you understand that today, I need that reassurance.

Quote for the Day: As you sojourn through life, forgive. No matter what has been done to you, said about you, or how painful it may be. In the end you will feel the warmth of the tapestry of love you’ve created. – Juan L. Christian