Listening: ‘Flying’ from ‘Peter Pan’ (An edited version of this is what we walked down the aisle to in the wedding. I hit the end of the aisle at the drums part every time and it was all I could do not to mimic playing the drums during the actual ceremony.)

Reading: “My belongings fraternize when I leave the house.” (I won’t say whether or not my bedroom has a similar look.)

Thinking: The problem with being the one who people know will listen without judging them is I find out a lot of things I’d rather I didn’t know. My heart is broken.

Feeling Guilty: For still not changing that light bulb.

How to Annoy Me: Turn up the television so that all the way down the hall I find myself singing along. “La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, Elmo’s World!”

How to Charm Me: Text message me because you just found out that I have a new phone and have been dying to text me since we met. 😉

Quote of the Day: We are all born originals – why is it so many of us die copies? – Edward Young