Listening: ‘In the Belly of a Whale’ by Newsboys (Yay Veggie Tales!)

Reading: ‘We Are Family!’ (I find myself rather identifying with Mary and her inability to comfort a loved one who is in pain.)

Thinking: What is more humiliating than injuring yourself playing tennis? Injuring yourself playing Wii Tennis. *smacks heel of hand to forehead*

How to Annoy Me: Grab my feet because you know how ticklish I am!

How to Charm Me: Come lay on my bed with me and let me stroke your hair and face while I work on the computer.

Quote of the Day: The line between justice and injustice, between things being right and things not being right, can’t be drawn between “us” and “them”. It runs right down through the middle of each one of us. – N.T. Wright