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Listening: ‘Realize’ by Colbie Caillat

Reading: Did we learn nothing from Bruce Lee’s son?

Thinking: Not much is more disconcerting than sitting in your car on a bridge and having that bridge start to tremble.

How to Annoy Me: Keep pricking at my heart and reminding me to pray for the people I’m frustrated with while driving.

How to Charm Me: Intentionally make me blush.

Quote of the Day: You don’t have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body. – C.S. Lewis

There are two things I most regret and both are matters of self-discipline.

1. That I didn’t stick with piano

2. That I haven’t been more dedicated to dance

The worship pastor at my former church told me that I had a natural touch on the piano. Had I practiced more and stuck with my lessons, I could probably be really good. Instead, the other night I sat down at a piano, and I could barely remember ‘Canon in D’. This made me extremely sad. I used to have a lot of pieces memorized. I couldn’t even remember the beginning to ‘All My Life’. I need to start sitting down at my keyboard every now and then. Otherwise I fear I will lose it completely.

As for dance, my lack of dedication over the years was partly due to my knee injury. I tried to take tap again after I thought it had healed and the pain was too much. Part of me feared that was the end. But time seems to have helped. (And by time I mean almost 10 years.) I had intended to take some form of dance class this summer but lack of money put an end to that idea. I’ve already lost my flexibility. I need to do something. It’s too long until MoCo starts back up. I can’t let the fact that work exhausts me impede me from doing something that I love. To paraphrase the famous ‘Chariots of Fire’ quote:

I believe God made me for a purpose…and when I dance, I feel His pleasure.

I want to read more, I want to write more, I want to play more, I want to dance more. It is in these areas that I have been gifted and it is in these areas that I find Jesus. Regrets no longer. These just became goals.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of when I became a Christian. It seems so long ago and yet it also feels like it was last week. We were getting ready to leave for China and I found myself questioning what would happen to me if the plane went down. I had been raised in a Christian family since I was young but I had never made it my own. Yes, part of that decision was a fear of Hell, something I would not base my decision on now. But that’s what happens when you are attending an Evangelical church. Sinners in the Hands of An Angry Baptist.

I became very involved with my church. I sang in the choir, ushered, did nursery and Sunday school, attended youth group and Bible studies. I went through the 5 Aspects study with my Babes. 🙂 Then I went to Liberty where I was told that if I didn’t vote for George Bush, then I probably wasn’t really a Christian. Where every “sermon” Jerry Falwell gave began with “One man with one woman for one lifetime.” Where I was treated as guilty until proven innocent and couldn’t make decisions as simple as whether or not to make my bed for the day. And I began to wonder if this was really what Jesus came for. And if it was, did I really want any part of it?

I came home and fell into Teknon, almost by accident. But I know now that there was no accident. It was God’s way of saving me. While my former church has it’s good points, I do believe that I would have died spiritually if I had stayed there. The best decision I ever made was to follow Shane when he started his church.

The Dwelling Place is not perfect. We are small. We don’t have many programs. Sunday mornings don’t go off without a hitch. People leave. But that community of people have saved me time and again. I don’t think they realize the impact they have had on my life. When my entire paradigm was turned upside down. When I was struggling with forgiving the man who abused me. When I needed love and acceptance that I couldn’t find anywhere else. And more recently, when I felt abandoned by God. When I couldn’t hear or feel Him. These people are the continuous representation of Jesus to me. They are why I am still a Christian. They are why I have made it for 8 years.

To my church family: I know I don’t always show it or say it, but I deeply love each and every one of you. Continue to be little Christs. If you have half the impact on the world that you have had on me, the results will be phenomenal.

Listening: ‘Lost’ by Michael Buble

Thinking: I forgot how much I missed swing.

How to Annoy Me: Be all dramatic and cause a scene when something goes wrong. It’s not that deep.

How to Charm Me: Open the car door for me.

Quote of the Day: The sexiest parts of my body? My brain, my spine, and my guts. – Unknown to this author

Random Quirk: Leaving pens uncapped drives me crazy.

Listening: ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None the Richer

Reading: Top 10 Signs She’s Flirting (I dunno about #5. I play with my hair all the time.)

Thinking: Number 1 rule of customer service: The customer is always right. Don’t argue with the customer. FAIL!

How to Annoy Me: Get snippy with me over something that I have absolutely no control over. I DIDN’T MAKE THE RULES!

How to Charm Me: Send me a text coupon. 🙂

Quote of the Day: We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us. – Marcel Proust

Random Quirk: I hate leaving things unfinished.

Listening: ‘Knock ‘Em Out’ by Lily Allen (My theme song. :-D)

Reading: The Sexiest Jobs in 2008 (Gee, what do you mean barista isn’t on there…)

Thinking: Well, this should be interesting.

How to Annoy Me: *sigh* Not even going to go there.

How to Charm Me: Placate my OCD tendencies. 😀

Quote of the Day: God be in my mind and my understanding. God be in my eyes and in my seeing. God be in my mouth and in my speaking. God be in my heart and in my thinking. God be in my life and in my living.

Watching: Mother Grove at Mo*Con 2008

Reading: A Missional and Intergenerational Church

Thinking: Okay, I lied. I can’t stay away. 😉

How to Annoy Me: Neglect to mention that the exit to the interstate is closed AND that your left turn signal doesn’t work!

How to Charm Me: Smile. (I know, I’m so easy.)

Quote of the Day: Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting. – Princess Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco

Random Quirk: Odd numbers bother me…

Listening: ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ by Fergie

Reading: The Cornered Cat

Thinking: Damn it, Kelli!

How to Annoy Me: Bark at air…frakking dog.

How to Charm Me: Call me to place your order when you’re standing in line.

Quote of the Day: Women are the only realists; their only objective in life is to pit their realism against the extravagant, excessive, and occasionally drunken idealism of men. – G.K. Chesterton

Random Quirk: When I’m at work, all of the paper money in my drawer has to be face up and facing the same direction.

Listening: Matt Cardin’s demo

Reading: Stilettos for Babies (People are sick…)

Thinking: Thank God that’s over.

How to Annoy Me: Whistle at me like I’m a dog to get my attention so that you can inform me that the coffee has run out. You say “Excuse me, miss/ma’am, but I wanted to let you know the coffee has run out.” DO I LOOK LIKE BENJI TO YOU?!

How to Charm Me: Twitter a quote from ‘The Honeymooners’ not long after I’m whistled at so that I remember there is still a reason to laugh. (And that not all men are assholes.)

Quote of the Day: My pillow scared the crap out of me! – Kelli’s daughter

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