There are two things I most regret and both are matters of self-discipline.

1. That I didn’t stick with piano

2. That I haven’t been more dedicated to dance

The worship pastor at my former church told me that I had a natural touch on the piano. Had I practiced more and stuck with my lessons, I could probably be really good. Instead, the other night I sat down at a piano, and I could barely remember ‘Canon in D’. This made me extremely sad. I used to have a lot of pieces memorized. I couldn’t even remember the beginning to ‘All My Life’. I need to start sitting down at my keyboard every now and then. Otherwise I fear I will lose it completely.

As for dance, my lack of dedication over the years was partly due to my knee injury. I tried to take tap again after I thought it had healed and the pain was too much. Part of me feared that was the end. But time seems to have helped. (And by time I mean almost 10 years.) I had intended to take some form of dance class this summer but lack of money put an end to that idea. I’ve already lost my flexibility. I need to do something. It’s too long until MoCo starts back up. I can’t let the fact that work exhausts me impede me from doing something that I love. To paraphrase the famous ‘Chariots of Fire’ quote:

I believe God made me for a purpose…and when I dance, I feel His pleasure.

I want to read more, I want to write more, I want to play more, I want to dance more. It is in these areas that I have been gifted and it is in these areas that I find Jesus. Regrets no longer. These just became goals.