Okay, so it’s not really going to be daily. But then neither are my daily how-tos. I just wanted to steal the title from Kelly McKay, the woman who keeps me sane when I’m driving home from work.

A friend of mine asked my advice concerning being blogged at. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, this is where a person blogs about a problem they have with someone else instead of talking to the person. This is usually with the hope that said person will read the blog, have enough insight to realize it’s about them, and, without the blogger having to deal with a messy confrontation/conversation, said person will feel contrite and attempt to change.

With this being said, yes, I have just a little experience with being “blogged at”. It is for this reason that I try very hard not to blog at people.  At any rate, this is the advice I gave my friend:

So you say you’ve been blogged at? Here are some helpful hints on how to respond. You can:

A: Blog right back at them. Two can play at this game! Eye for an eye and all that.

B: Leave a nasty comment on their blog. Something to the effect of their having no original ideas or how they’re a horrible waste of air. Match your brutality to the amount of keyboard courage you possess at that moment. Oh, and be sure to make your comment anonymous.

C: Ignore it. Clearly this person has the people skills of a toddler. They will most likely blow anything you say out of proportion and then blog about it.

D: Confront them. Verbally, hand-to-hand combat, swords, tazers. Again, you pick.

Okay, in all seriousness, it depends on what they blogged about, who it is, etc. If it’s a close friend and something you feel needs to be discussed, bring it up but in a non-defensive way. (And for the love of God, do it in person if at all possible. There are certain cases where it probably is better to do it through email (say, you don’t think you can get through the conversation without slapping the person silly) but those are rare.) If you don’t feel it needs to be addressed, ignore it. If it is someone whose opinion you don’t really care about, ignore it. Without knowing the specifics though (and I’m not asking for them), it’s hard to give advice.

Thoughts anyone? Have *you* been blogged at?

(And, for the record, yes I got my friend’s permission to blog my response.)