Found this on a friend’s blog and though it is for Xanga’s Beauty contest, I thought it was funny.

  1. Define your love life in one word. Non-existent. Thank God.
  2. In relationships, what are the things that reach “deal breaker” status? Meaning, what traits make your significant other unacceptable? Lying. Abusive tendencies (physical, emotional, sexual, whatever). Bad temper. Irresponsible with money and jobs.
  3. What makes you a good catch? Oh dear, not sure I want to answer this. I’m smart and can hold my own in a conversation about most things. (Of course, for some men, this is a downside. “If you can navigate yourself around a tree, keep walking!”) I’m pretty. (And humble too!) I’m independent and have my own interests that don’t revolve around boys, boys, boys. I’m a hard worker and don’t expect men to pay my way through life. If you’re a Christian, I have what most would consider a strong and growing faith.
  4. If you had to choose one, would you date someone of higher or lower intelligence than yourself? And why? Higher. I want someone who can challenge me.
  5. Describe your perfect mate. Nope. I don’t need stalkers trying to live up to some list. You’ll know if I ever find him.
  6. Do you believe in complete honesty in a relationship, including giving up the number of partners you have been with? Why or why not? It depends on the person. Some people I know I can be brutally honest with and it won’t crush them. Others are more…delicate. But as a general rule, I believe in honesty.
  7. What are your career aspirations? If you could have any job regardless of money/location/schooling what would it be? A writer, actress, or dancer.
  8. Where does your screen name come from, and if you could change it at all, what would you change it to? Little Corner of My World is a song. I needed a change from Sunshine2316 and had been listening to that song. Thrilling story, I know. My screen name other places is Athlete of God. “Dancers are the athletes of God.” – Albert Einstein
  9. Scenario: You have committed some kind of abhorrent relationship sin. You never intend on doing it again. Is it better to withhold the information and save the relationship, or to be honest with your significant other and hope you stay together? Why do you feel your answer is best? Depends on what it was and who I’m with. But again, I’m usually Miss Honesty.
  10. What is it that you think women really want? Hehe, I’m a woman but I’m leaving it. Women have no idea what they want.
  11. What are your shaving/grooming practices and what is your ideal grooming practices for your partner? Ha! I shave my legs only when I absolutely have to! 😛 Okay, not quite. Showering is definitely a good thing. On a regular basis.
  12. Are the lights on or off and why? Uh, soft lighting. I don’t need my flaws made glaringly obvious but I’d also want to be able to see him.
  13. What is your idea of the perfect date? One where both of us have a great time and connect. (Again, I refuse to give anyone more ammunition.)
  14. What physical/emotional traits attract you to a man? Body traits and emotional traits, we insist on knowing both. Eyes and smile. A “dancers” body helps. 🙂 As for emotional, patient, intelligent, kind but has an “edge”, makes me laugh so hard tears run down my cheeks. And that’s all you’re getting.