Most days I am strong. Most days I can take care of myself. Most days I have on my big girl panties and I don’t let things rattle me too badly. Most days I say “I don’t need a man!” and I mean it. Most days I dare someone to mess with me. Most days I am a fighter. Most days I’m a survivor. Most days I’ve been through Hell and lived to tell about it.

Today, I need someone to wrap their arms around me and tell me that it’s going to be okay. I need someone to tell me they love me, unconditionally, regardless of what I weigh, if I vote, or what I believe about God. I need someone who supports me and wants me to succeed for reasons other than bragging rights or so I’ll have money. I need someone who will take me away and hide me until I’m ready to fight again. I need someone who will make me feel safe. I need someone who won’t make me want to cry or feel like my heart is breaking. I need someone who sees me as I am and still loves me.

Today, I need a hero.