Watching: A documentary on the technology used in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (like how they made the Batmobile and if it would work in real life. It would.) and a documentary on the psychology of Batman/Bruce Wayne. *Very* interesting.

Reading: ‘Which Woman Has the Perfect Body?’ (I really am tiny. I’m the women’s ideal.)

Thinking: Reality has absolutely no place in my world.

How to Annoy Me: Go running out onto the golf course and try to chase the golfers. Do you not realize that they could tee off using you, you little ball of fur?

How to Charm Me: Calm me down when I’m worrying about stupid stuff.

Quote of the Day: I am giving Thee worship with my whole life, I am giving Thee assent with my whole power, I am giving Thee praise with my whole tongue, I am giving Thee honour with my whole utterance. I am giving Thee love with my whole devotion, I am giving Thee kneeling with my whole desire, I am giving Thee love with my whole heart, I am giving Thee affection with my whole sense; I am giving Thee my existence with my whole mind, I am giving Thee my soul, O God of all the gods. – Carmina Gadelica