Listening: ‘I Love Rock n’ Roll’ by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Enjoying: ‘Three excuses Christians give for not taking care of the planet’

Thinking: I could never work in a bookstore. I would have no paycheck left.

How to Annoy Me: Have a substitute teach the class after our midterm so I *still* don’t know my grade.

How to Charm Me: After I order a tall chai, ask “Can I just give you a grande?” Hell yes!

Quote of the Day: One of the central elements of the Christian story is the claim that the paradox of laughter and tears, woven as it is deep into the heart of all human experience, is woven also deep into the heart of God. – N. T. Wright

Random Quirk: I hate using toothpaste that has a cap you have to screw off. Yes, I’m that lazy. I want the flippy kind.