Listening: ‘Dreamers’ by Jack Savoretti

Reading: Finally finishing ‘Simply Christian’ by N. T. Wright. Wonderful book.

Feeling Guilty: For still not having mailed redwinegums’ Christmas present.

Thinking: Is this my punishment?

How to Annoy Me: Be obstreperous.

How to Charm Me: Inform me that “cumbersome” is a big word for heavy and “booky”. (She meant bulky.)

Quote of the Day: When we see ourselves in the light of Jesus’s type of kingdom, and realize the extent to which we have been living by a different code altogether, we realize, perhaps for the first time, how far we have fallen short of what we were made to be. This realization is what we call “repentance”, a serious turning away from patterns of life which deface and distort our genuine humanness. It isn’t just a matter of feeling sorry for particular failing, though that will often be truse as well. It is the recognition that the living God has made us humans to reflect his image into his world, and that we haven’t done so….Once again, the gospel itself, the very message which announce that Jesus is Lord and calls us to obedience, contains the remedy: forgiveness, unearned and freely given, because of his cross. All we can say is, “Thank you.” – N. T. Wright, ‘Simply Christian’ (Empahsis mine)