Listening: ‘Numb’ by U2

Thinking: Someday I will be a woman who has it all together. Who doesn’t spill coffee on herself the first day of class. Who doesn’t drop her math book in the snow. Who remembers her calculator. Who remembers when classes actually start. Who doesn’t walk out the door without her shoes on. Today is not that day. Tomorrow probably isn’t either.

How to Annoy Me: In an attempt to practice what I preach and attempt to love someone who drives me crazy, I will simply say “God save and bless you” and move on.

How to Charm Me: Attempt to convince me that my eternal salvation rests on whether or not I take the cookies.

Quote of the Day: Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin

Random Quirk: It drives me crazy when my professors don’t fully erase the marker/chalk boards. I want to run up and do it for them.

Daily Photo: (Normally I only do pictures that I have taken but I found this on a friend’s blog and it was too cute to pass up.) daily-12