To the man who makes me laugh everyday. Who tries to keep up when I’m on one of my crazy tangents. Who not only tolerates but encourages my love of Hello Kitty. Who doesn’t look at me like I’m insane when he gets home and his entire house is turned upside down. Who doesn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing computer stuff. Who is helping me learn to cook. Who faithfully comes to my dances and brings me flowers. Who lets me read to him. Who cuddles with me while we watch movies. Who gives me kitty therapy whenever I need it. Who sends me flair to make me smile. Who dared me to go out with him and was surprised when I said “yes”.

Thank you.

To the man who writes me cards just because. Who put me in charge of our eating out budget, despite my problems with numbers. Who helped me with math and didn’t make me feel like a complete idiot. Who was proud to take me home to his family. Who indulges my book addiction and is content to stay in the bookstore for hours. Who saved Thin Mints for me because I tweeted that mine were gone. Who writes me notes on his business cards and leaves them for me to find in my purse. Who encourages me in my efforts to become more disciplined. Who works out with me so I don’t get bored and quit. Who can make me feel beautiful with just a look. Who doesn’t mock my dreams but dreams with me.

Thank you.

To the man who holds me when I cry. Who has stayed through every crazy scenario I have thrown at him. Who always strives to be better because he believes it’s what I deserve. Who appreciates the little things I do for him. Who holds the car door open for me. Who works to make his house more person-with-allergies friendly. Who brought me Sprite on Thanksgiving when I was sick. Who took a nap with me in the park. Who helps me with my business and made me a beautiful website. Who makes me feel secure about things that other people made me insecure about. Who is proud of me and tells me so. Who makes me want to be a better woman because it is what he deserves.

Thank you.

To the man who has stuck by me and is attending another church because I asked him to. Who does the right thing even when it is hard. Who doesn’t lose faith even when things look hopeless. Who is my constant cheerleader and lets me be his. Who danced with me at the ball. Who has eyes only for me. Who doesn’t harp on my faults but believes I can do better. Who sees Jesus in me. Who I see Jesus in. Who cares about other people, even when they hurt him. Who believes what I tell him, even though he has every reason not to. Who loves me unconditionally. Who believes I can fly. Who will fly right alongside me. Who I love more than I can truly express.

Thank you, Shane.

With all my heart,