Due to the significant decrease in my online activity, I had forgotten just how stupid and spineless people can be when you hand them a keyboard and a computer screen to hide behind. Since it has been months since I’ve been to a message board (so this is what life is like when you don’t have someone whining about “why don’t you ever visit the message board anymore?”), I had forgotten what it was like to deal with trolls. I had forgotten what it was like to go head to head with people who are so stuck in their own insecurities and feelings of worthlessness that they can’t manage to act like a civilized human being. Lucky for me, maybe 50 people read this website on a somewhat regular basis and due to the lack of unintelligent, hateful comments, I’m assuming none of you are trolls. And for that, I thank you. Because dealing with trolls is exhausting. Dealing with people who say every hateful thing you can imagine online but wouldn’t say it to your face is aggravating. Because you can’t reach through the screen and slap them silly. You can’t shake them and say “WE DON’T HAVE TO AGREE ON EVERYTHING IN ORDER TO LIVE ON THE SAME PLANET!” I don’t agree with people who I live in the same house with but somehow we manage to coexist. There are people who just don’t understand that though. Which is why I give mad props to Heather Armstrong who writes for a living and deals with these idiots every day of her life. And now, she gets to make money off of their stupidity.