…knowing that you are going home and that loved ones are there waiting for you. (And I don’t mean a house or blood family in this case.)

…seeing a yellow butterfly while you’re out on a walk and smiling up at the blue sky to say “Thank you, Papa”.

…quietly holding the hand of the one you love while you drive, knowing that no words are needed.

…having two of your best friends agree to go on a donut run with you for your birthday.

…knowing that you don’t have to have the latest gadget or fashion statement in order to be exactly who you are meant to be.

…having a friend who is willing to help you in a class you are struggling with.


…having the power to let go and forgive people who have hurt you.

…being surrounded by people who love and forgive you, no matter how grievous your mistake.

…knowing that eventually, it will be okay.

…having your prayers answered.

…reading a good book.

…sharing a laugh with a friend.

…hoping and trying, everyday, to become more like Jesus.