Day 2 - 9/16/10

This picture is proof of what I said about my tank tops. I didn’t wear one underneath this shirt and my little tummy is peeking out. By today’s standards of modesty, this is no big deal.

But I was raised in a church that was formerly Baptist. All those times where the girls got sent into one room, and the boys into another, so that the youth group leaders could reiterate, once again, that it was our responsibility to help our brothers not stumble by being modest is forever pounded into my head. (The boys, I found out later, were being lectured about porn. I think we got the less embarrassing end of that deal.)

Though apparently I’m not too scarred since I still posted it on the internet. Anyone thinking dirty thoughts because of my stomach yet? Thought not.

This is not intended, btw, to bash the standards I was raised with. I completely understand where they were coming from. Frankly, it’s probably in part due to those standards that I don’t dress like Paris Hilton and thus flash my lady parts to all when getting out of a car wearing a mini skirt. However, as with pretty much everything else in my journey of faith, I have come to seek a balance between what is acceptable (or, at any rate, photo worthy) to US culture and the near Puritanical standards held by some of my fellow Christians.

For more thoughts on dressing appropriately and relaxing some formerly held standards, read here.

See you again tomorrow!

Shirt: TJ Maxx

Jeans: TJ Maxx

Shoes: Sears

Belt: Target

Hat: Some cute little store in Seattle that I forget the name of.

Bracelet: A peddlers hut on the beach in Puerto Vallarta

Glasses: Lenscrafters