Day 4 – 9/18/10

So I haven’t been getting overly creative with the outfits and have pretty much stuck to jeans and flip flops. But, because of this challenge, I paired this shirt and cardigan! I know, this is a life changing moment. Novels will be written about it. A Lifetime movie will be made.

At the end of the day, I go for comfort with a little bit of style. I try to dress to flatter my shape and look pulled together. But I flat out refuse to teeter around on 5 inch heels, wear clothes that make it impossible to breathe, or jewelry that makes me look like I should be on the Discovery Channel. I know that some people enjoy these things and that is just fine. Everyone has their interests. Keeping up with the fashion Jones’ just doesn’t happen to be one of mine.

*Also, the Four Square title does NOT refer to the asinine “social networking” thing. It refers to the children’s game.