I have until October 16, 2009* to complete this list.

1. Learn a different language.

2. Go to back to China.

3. Help start a church.

4. Write music for ‘Broken‘.

5. Be a youth sponsor for College Park Church.

6. Finish writing my book and try get it published.

7. Pursue dancing.

8. Be in a movie.

9.  Go to Australia.

10. Take a road trip.

11. See the Grand Canyon.

12. Learn to play chords on the piano.

13. Take a cruise.

14. Learn how to shoot a gun.

15. Go jet skiing.

16. Volunteer for ‘Outreach‘.

17. Swim with dolphins.

18. Go 4-wheeling.

19. Sing a solo.

20. Go rock climbing (on real rocks).

21. Learn to drive a stick shift.

22. Go whitewater rafting.

23. Go snow/water skiing.

24. Work in an orphanage.

25. F.M.C.H.O.H.I.L. – This one’s a secret.

* It is December 30th, 2009 and this is my list as completed thus far. I’m going to wait until Mikayla is older so I can take her to China and she will appreciate it more. (Plus I’ll hopefully have money and not be in school!) For now, I have set aside my book. That is no longer my dream. Perhaps one day I will return to it. We are going to visit my mom in a few days and I think we might go see the Grand Canyon while we’re out there. I still want to learn how to play chords on the piano, how to shoot a gun, and how to jet ski. I will one day learn to drive a stick shift. I probably shouldn’t attempt snow or water skiing with my bad knee. At least if I want any hope of continuing to dance. I will one day work in an orphanage. And as for the last one, it stands for “Fall Mad Crazy Head Over Heels In Love”. Which I did. 🙂