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1. I love to dance.

2. I have no pouting abilities. I get nothing but mocked when I try to pout.

3. I have over 100 books waiting to be read.

4. I have Seasonal Affect Disorder.

5. I love butterflies.

6. I used to collect teddy bears.

7. I love my church and all the quirky, crazy people who attend. 🙂

8. I would rather clean houses and pet-sit than have a regular job.

9. My goal is to graduate college before I turn 30.

10. I love fuzzy socks.

11. I love folding laundry but hate the actual washing/drying part.

12. One of my favorite authors is N. T. Wright.

13. I didn’t kiss anyone until last year.

14. Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time favorite shows.

15. I love taking and looking at pictures.

16. Old black and white romantic comedies are some of my favorite movies.

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