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Listening: “Does he take you out dancing just so he can hold you close?” (from ‘Enchanted’)

Reading: ‘The Path of Celtic Prayer: An Ancient Way to Everyday Joy’ by Calvin Miller

Thinking: Close enough for jazz…

Enjoying: I wouldn’t survive this marriage preparation class.

How to Annoy Me: Tell me you will kill me if I cut my hair. IT’S MY HAIR!

How to Charm Me: Humbly help a man I assume is your father maintain his dignity in a wheelchair.

Quote of the Day: God shall not refuse or reject whoever strives to praise Him at the beginning and end of the day. – Welsh Poem

Listening: ‘Too Little Too Late’ by Jojo

Reading: ‘Wise Words’

Thinking: Hallelujah! *happy dance* *back flip* 😀

How to Annoy Me: Fail to realize that I don’t really give a damn.

How to Charm Me: On top of having a sexy accent, be sweet and kind. (No, RWG. Not you…this time. 🙂 )

Quote of the Day: Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so. – David Grayson

Prayer: The will of God be done by us; The law of God be kept by us; Our evil will controlled by us; Our sharp tongue checked by us; Quick forgiveness offered by us; Speedy repentance made by us; Temptation sternly shunned by us; Blessed death welcomed by us; Angels’ music heard by us; God’s highest praises sung by us. – Celtic Prayer

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