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Yesterday Ro and I took her kids and went to the Indiana State Fair. As previously blogged, we both have a problem when it comes to elephant ears. During fair time, it’s our reason for living.

We got the lemon shake-ups. We got her kids a huge corn dog and chili fries. We got these fried, powder sugar covered dough balls that promised to be as good as elephant ears. (SUCH. A. LIE.) And then we got Emmy a funnel cake and us an elephant ear. Needless to say, after all that, we were a sticky mess. (Especially after *someone* decided to dump sugar all over my leg… 😉 )

So off to the hand washing station. Whoever came up with this is a GENIUS! No more futile wiping with a dry napkin that just shreds and sticks to your hands. No more digging ice out of your drink and hoping no one sees you being so uncivilized. No more planning attacks on unsuspecting mothers who are carrying baby wipes. There are now stations with running water! And soap! And paper towels!

Now here comes the snag: both Ro and I have very specific hand washing habits because people are disgusting. So we don’t just turn on the water, wash our hands, and then USE OUR CLEAN HANDS TO TURN OFF THE GERM-RIDDEN FAUCET! We both push down on the paper towel levers first, then wash our hands. I then rip off the first paper towel, use it to turn off the faucet and to get another paper towel down, then dry my hands. Ro, on the other hand, leaves the water running while she dries her hands, then she uses the same paper towel to turn off the faucet.

She then turns to me and says: “Do you ever have to fight with yourself over which is worse to waste: the extra paper towel or the water?


It’s sooooo much work being this neurotic. But at least we have each other. 🙂

Sisters at heart

Watching: ”That’s why we snap and kill you in your sleep…”

Enjoying: ‘Hello Kitty Cupcakes’

Thinking: Moving is such a pain in the ass.

How to Annoy Me: Make no attempt to clean up after yourself in the bathroom. EW!

How to Charm Me: Do whatever you can to help me, even if it means walking away.

Quote of the Day: We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are. – Anais Nin

Random Quirk: I compulsively correct grammer and spelling mistakes.

1000 Words: daily-23

Listening: ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ by The Script

Enjoying: Deeper than the chicken and the egg…

Thinking: I wish I had answers for you.

How to Annoy Me: Yesterday was pretty much an entire blogs worth of annoy.

How to Charm Me: Decide that I am your Indiana tea pusher. 😀

Quote of the Day: There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life. – Unknown

Random Quirk: I can’t keep my hands still. I either have to play with something in my hands or I will simply play with my hands.

1000 Words: daily-22

Listening: ‘When the Rain Comes’ by Third Day (I don’t like a lot of Christian music but this is a good song that pretty much sums up my group of friends.)

Reading: ‘The Great Divorce’ by C. S. Lewis

Thinking: It’s a sad, sad day when the last of the Girl Scout Thin Mints are gone.

How to Annoy Me: Tell me that ‘The Great Divorce’ isn’t about what I think it’s about. I’VE READ IT!

How to Charm Me: Make me laugh so hard I fall off the couch.

Quote of the Day: Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after months or a lifetime, is certain for those who are friends. – Richard Bach

Random Quirk: When I set my alarm clock, it has to be on an even number. (Ex. 6:14 instead of 6:15)

No more Daily. Just How To. It’s been a frakking week since my last one.

Listening: ‘All Night’ by Sam Phillips

Reading:  ‘Healthy Ways to Gain Weight’

Thinking: 18 days….not that we’re counting.

How to Annoy Me: Ask me if I’m pregnant when I say I feel sick. 😛

How to Charm Me: Bring my co-worker a flower to make her (and me) smile. 🙂

Quote of the Day: We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. – E. E. Cummings

Random Quirk: I rarely am able to sleep with socks on. It has to be absolutely freezing for me to even consider it.

1000 Words: p1190468

Watching: “The $17 billion spent on Valentine’s Day could provide water for 1.7 billion people!”

Thinking: Now that is a Valentine tradition I could get behind. (Thanks Suzi!)

How to Annoy Me: I posted this last semester but it still stands: do *not* give me a test and then not have it graded by the next class. Particularly if it’s a class that I’m not confidant in. *scowls*

How to Charm Me: See my frazzled expression and joke with me to make me smile, then tell me not to stress and that it will be okay. 🙂

Quote of the Day: Man’s sin is in his failure to live what he is. Being the master of the earth, man forgets that he is the servant of God. – Abraham Joshua Heschel

Random Quirk: I alphabetize the cards in my wallet and all of the money has to be right side up, facing the same way, and in order of worth.

Daily Photo: p1190472

Watching: ‘Invisible Bridges’

Thinking: Yup, this is gonna suck.

How to Annoy Me: I’m not mad. But I could be.

How to Charm Me: When you wake up and find me holding you, get a huge grin on your face and start flirting with me.

Quote of the Day: Hells begins with a grumbling mood, always complaining, always blaming others…but you are still distinct from it. You may even criticize it in yourself and wish you could stop it. But there may come a day when you can no longer. Then there will be no you left to criticize the mood or even to enjoy it, but just the grumble itself, going on forever like a machine. It is not a question of God “sending us” to hell. In each of us there is something growing, which will BE hell unless it is nipped in the bud. – C. S. Lewis

Random Quirk: I hate talking on the phone. And I just had an epiphany as to why. My learning style is almost zero in the audio. I’m so kinetic and visual that only being able to hear something drives me absolutely batty.(But there are certain people I will make special exception for.)

Daily Photo: p1190465

Listening: ‘Livin’ A Lie’ by The Dream featuring Rihanna

Reading: ‘Ladies: Worst First-Date Moves’

Thinking: 30 days…..eeeek! 😀

How to Annoy Me: Do nothing but complain. About everything. If you don’t like it, either do something about it or accept it and move on!

How to Charm Me: Tell me not to use a spoon for anything other than soup and ice cream.

Quote of the Day: Only dreamers can teach us to soar. – Anne Marie Pierce

Random Quirk: I have to recap things as soon as I have used them once. Even if I’m going to need the bottle of vegetable oil again, the cap has to go back on.

Daily Photo: p1190484

Watching: “That’s the trouble with “Have a nice day”. It puts all the pressure on you. Now you’ve got to go out and somehow manage to have a good time!”

Thinking: That’s what I get for looking up new words!

How to Annoy Me: Ignore me when I tell you to have a nice day. 😉

How to Charm Me: Reassure me that I won’t go into my math test unprepared.

Quote of the Day: It’s better to be good than evil, but one achieves goodness at a terrific cost. – Stephen King

Random Quirk: It drives me crazy when people leave the tv/radio/lights on in a room they aren’t planning on immediately returning to. (This one has been inflicted on me by my father.)

Listening: ‘Pictures of You’ by The Cure

Enjoying: *This* is what my Barbies were missing all those years! Fake fur lingerie!

Thinking: I’m going to go against the grain and not say a word about the inauguration….damn it! 😛

How to Annoy Me: “Spoon” me through Twitter.

How to Charm Me: Flirt with me while I get your coffee. (It depends on the day on whether I’m going to be charmed or annoyed by flirting.)

Quote of the Day: If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time. – Marcel Proust

Random Quirk: I go through cycles where I keep everything and then I’ll just get the urge to throw everything away and completely clear stuff out!

Daily Photo: daily-15

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