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Him: *reading over her shoulder* A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle? Why can’t it be a woman needs a man like a dog needs a treat? The dog doesn’t need the treat but it wants the treat and likes the treat.

Her: So in this analogy, you’re the treat and I’m the dog?

Him: Yes.

Her: Don’t touch me.


Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. I love to dance.

2. I have no pouting abilities. I get nothing but mocked when I try to pout.

3. I have over 100 books waiting to be read.

4. I have Seasonal Affect Disorder.

5. I love butterflies.

6. I used to collect teddy bears.

7. I love my church and all the quirky, crazy people who attend. 🙂

8. I would rather clean houses and pet-sit than have a regular job.

9. My goal is to graduate college before I turn 30.

10. I love fuzzy socks.

11. I love folding laundry but hate the actual washing/drying part.

12. One of my favorite authors is N. T. Wright.

13. I didn’t kiss anyone until last year.

14. Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time favorite shows.

15. I love taking and looking at pictures.

16. Old black and white romantic comedies are some of my favorite movies.

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100 Things About Me (Thanks RWG for the idea!)

1. I love reading.

2. I have been dancing off and on since I was 5.

3. A knee injury when I was 15 put an end to that for many years.

4. I got my driver’s license a week before I graduated high school.

5. I graduated a year early.

6. I made the Dean’s List my first year of college which neither of my following schools accepted as a real school year.

7. I heart sushi.

8. I have only cried at 3 movies: Crash, Hotel Rwanda, and The Passion of the Christ.

9. The only radio stations I listen to are 92.3 (world class rock) and 88.7 (classical).

10. However, my taste in music is all over the place.

11. So is my taste in movies.

12. I think chick flicks are evil.

13. I have about 100 pairs of shoes.

14. I tend to exaggerate.

15. I didn’t date until I was almost 23.

16. No, that isn’t an exaggeration.

17. Still never been kissed.

18. No, that isn’t an invitation or a challenge to try.

19. My favorite forms of dance are contemporary and swing.

20. My brother taught me how to swing dance.

21. I love my brother.

22. My sister is pretty cool too. 🙂

23. One of my dreams is to travel and see pretty much everything.

24. My favorite colors are blue, yellow and green.

25. Despite this, I wear a lot of black.

26. I am not a sci-fi geek but I do enjoy some of it.

27. I’m much happier reading/watching historical stuff.

28. I’ve only been in the Emergency room once in my life.

29. The doctor didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t sexually active.

30. I’m a very stubborn and difficult patient.

31. I have never broken a bone. (Knock on wood.)

32. I had braces for three years.

33. It was supposed to be two but I wouldn’t let them pull my teeth.

34. I have scoliosis.

35. I also have asthma.

36. I once told my friend Bryan that I wasn’t getting married because I had too many physical problems. He said he would marry me.

37. He later dumped me for a younger model. 😉

38. I was in ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ in high school.

39. Guess who was the shrew…..

40. I started writing my first book when I was 15.

41. No, you can’t read it.

42. I have been in 5 weddings so far.

43. I’m not making anymore friends so I don’t have to be in anymore weddings. 😉

44. I don’t see myself as married.

45. There are many reasons for this and it’s not just an “I hate men” thing.

46. No, I’m not a lesbian.

47. Yes, I’m sure.

48. I handle funerals and sad things by cracking jokes a lot.

49. This doesn’t go over so well sometimes.

50. I took piano lessons for years.

51. If I had practiced, I could be quite good.

52. I have a lot of OCD tendencies.

53. If I made an announcement every time one of my “quirks” hit, I’d be placed in a mental hospital.

54. Normalcy is for losers.

55. I have switched colleges and majors 3 times.

56. No, I’m not indecisive……well, maybe I am…….

57. I enjoy watching football, basketball, and soccer, even though I don’t know much about them.

58. I have tried to start a paper journal hundreds of times.

59. I can only “blog” my journals.

60. I talk to myself.

61. Out loud.

62. I find cleaning therapeutic.

63. Large quantities of chocolate is also therapeutic.

64. It has taken me almost a year to get through ‘Anna Karenina’.

65. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are essential.

66. I am an assistant to a horror writer even though I don’t read horror.

67. I am fiercely protective of my friends and family.

68. I have no trouble speaking my mind and telling someone exactly what I think of them.

69. Sometimes this gets me into trouble.

70. My “spiritual birthday” is June 26th. I will be 8 this year.

71. I get labeled “Emergent” (or crazy) but I don’t consider myself that. I am merely a woman who is trying to follow Jesus in every area of her life.

72. If this means I am a fool, so be it.

73. If I do marry, I want to adopt babies from China.

74. I used to hate the color pink.

75. And being girly.

76. I’ve now realized that being feminine doesn’t mean I have to be an airhead who only thinks about boys and clothes.

77. I still prefer jeans and a hoodie though.

78. I think Hello Kitty is awesome.

79. Pedicures are pure torture for me.

80. Mostly because I am so unbelievably ticklish.

81. If you try to tickle me, I will kick you.

82. If something is a “fad”, I will purposefully not buy it. (Like these.)

83. I got a third degree burn on my arm in high school.

84. I am addicted to Tootsie Rolls and Reese’s Cups.

85. There is no cure.

86. I drink enough water to make a camel have to pee.

87. I am PETRIFIED of spiders and heights.

88. Despite my fear of heights, I want to go rock climbing.

89. I also want to learn how to fly a plane.

90. I love singing but won’t do it in public.

91. My mathematical skills are pathetic.

92. My reading and writing skills make up for this.

93. I drink way too much coffee.

94. I hate wearing shorts.

95. I love poetry.

96. And quotes.

97. Most of what I say is a quote from something.

98. Everyone talks about changing the world but no one thinks to change himself. – Tolstoy

99. I feel like I should be brilliant for this last one.

100. But this is all you’re getting. 🙂

I have to be at school in 7 hours and I can’t sleep! 😛 This is so irritating. I’m not going to be able to stay awake in class tomorrow. Hopefully my teacher will give us our papers back and not pull that “hopefully Wednesday” crap again. Because I will cut somebody this time.

I got an 81 on my 3rd Astronomy test, thank the Lord! Maybe I won’t have to retake it over the summer. (Knock on wood.)

I am a firm believer that God places people in your life just when you need them most. I love my friends and don’t know what I’d do without them.

Leave a comment and answer these questions too:

What is one thing you can’t live without? Chapstick, my toothbrush, music to dance to

Favorite music: It varies. Right now I’m stuck on that Elisa song. Is it possible to wear out a YouTube video?

Favorite movie: Right this second: ‘Bringing Up Baby’

Favorite book: ‘Stumbling Toward Faith’ by Renee Altson

If you could have a super power, what would it be? Teleporting.

Favorite childhood toy: Barbies 🙂

Favorite food: Bread (and pasta and all those carbs) and fruit

Alright, I think I’m finally tired. Good night morning, my friends!

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