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Watching: ‘Livin’ A Lie’ (My dance company)

Reading: I survived a year at this school…and signed that “code of conduct”.

Thinking: Thank God for my friends. 🙂

How to Annoy Me: Be so pestful that 5 minutes into it, I’m telling you to fold your own damn papers and stuff your own damn envelops. YOU DON’T PAY ME ENOUGH!

How to Charm Me: Surround me with love and support when I need you most.

Quote of the Day: “…if God can bring new creation from a cross, God can bring new life into our circumstances, no matter how dark or dismal.” – Rich Vincent

Watching: ‘Bringing Up Baby’ (I’m saving myself for Cary Grant, btw. I realize he’s dead but every relationship has it’s problems.)

Thinking: Thank God for my friends.

How to Annoy Me: Don’t tell me about significant changes in your life.

How to Charm Me: Be upfront and honest and don’t get scared off when I do the same.

Quote for the Day: While we dream of heroic acts of love, we often fail to love others in simple ways. – Rich Vincent (My online pastor and friend. 🙂 )

Listening: ‘River Flows in You’ by Yiruma (Absolutely *gorgeous* piano playing. Makes me wish I’d had more discipline with my piano lessons.)

Reading: Famous Last Words

Feeling Guilty: For eating that Taco Bell after dance class Wed. night. I have got to start eating better.

How to Annoy Me: Tell me that people who are single are incomplete.

How to Charm Me: Throw cookies at the 8-year-old when she’s throwing a fit because she wants four instead of three cookies.

Quote for the Day: While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance. – Hans Bos

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