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Listening: ‘Livin’ A Lie’ by The Dream featuring Rihanna

Reading: ‘Ladies: Worst First-Date Moves’

Thinking: 30 days…..eeeek! 😀

How to Annoy Me: Do nothing but complain. About everything. If you don’t like it, either do something about it or accept it and move on!

How to Charm Me: Tell me not to use a spoon for anything other than soup and ice cream.

Quote of the Day: Only dreamers can teach us to soar. – Anne Marie Pierce

Random Quirk: I have to recap things as soon as I have used them once. Even if I’m going to need the bottle of vegetable oil again, the cap has to go back on.

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Listening: ‘Live Your Life’ by T.I. featuring Rihanna

Reading: ‘Virtual People, Real Friends’ (Thanks RWG!)

Thinking: What’s the point?

How to Annoy Me: Get in the way of me doing my job.

How to Charm Me: Sound completely exasperated when I apologize. Again.

Quote of the Day: When we sin and mess up our lives, we find that God doesn’t go off and leave us – he enters into our trouble and saves us. – Eugene Peterson

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Listening: ‘Disturbia’ by Rihanna (Aptly named. Freak-a-zoid music video!)

Reading: Still reading ‘Mercy’. I wish I had more time for pleasure reading! Stupid math…

Thinking: I’ve got the pattern, fabric, hooks and eyes, zipper, and ribbon. Now I just have to put it all together. Hmm….what could I possibly be making? 😀

How to Annoy Me: Bite my head off for a simple mistake. Yes, I screwed up. My. Bad.

How to Charm Me: Come help me haul the boxes from the church and insist on lifting the heavy stuff.

Quote of the Day: If you forgive people enough, you belong to them, and they to you, whether either person likes it or not – squatter’s rights of the heart. – James Hilton

Listening: ‘If I Never See Your Face Again’ by Maroon 5 featuring Rihanna

Thinking: Being called to forebear one another may not be new but it’s still hard.

How to Annoy Me: Be so pestful that 5 minutes into church, I’m getting up and moving so I can actually listen to my pastor. Jesus didn’t say I had to forebear *you*!

How to Charm Me: Tell me you’re going to “sell all of my possessions to the poor per our pastor’s instructions last week”.

Quote of the Day: Meekness also protects us from the fatigue of being easily offended. There are so many just waiting to be offended. They are so alerted to the possibility that they will not be treated fairly, they almost incite the verification of their expectation! The meek, not on such a fatiguing alert, find rest from this form of fatigue. – Neal A. Maxwell

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